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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Our field trip

On September 7, 2006, second grade up to sixth grade went on a field trip. First we went to theGlobe News Center. The author of Hank the Cowdog books sang some Hank the Cowdog songs and talked to all the people in the room. The room is big.
The author of Hank the Cowdog read a Hank the Cowdog book to the people in the
room. Next we went to the park and played for a little while. I played space
ship. When I was done it was time for lunch. Mrs. Davis helped me cross the
road to get my lunch box. I ate my lunch and started to swing. After a while
Ms. Cook called some grades to pick up trash. When we were done we went to the
zoo. My favorite animal was the Spider Monkey. We say turtles, grey foxes and some black bears. After we got done we come back to school.

That was a fun day.


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