Kaleb's Story Stop

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

God Makes Cotton

The other day on the way to my Grandma's house my Mom saw some cotton on the
side of the road. It had blown away from the farmers when they were harvesting
it. She went past a big piece the she went back to get it. A car was coming so
she could only get us a little bit. When we got to my grandmas I told her about
the cotton.

Cotton is to make clothes for us to wear. The cotton was white, it had lots of
seeds in it. It was soft. The cotton made me happy because God makes cotton for
us. The cotton grows from a seed in the dirt. The farmers harvest it in a big
machine in Autumn. The machine gets some of the cotton. Later they take it to a
machine that gets all the seeds and sticks out of it. People take the cotton and
they turn it into string and they make t-shirts.

God loves us so much he makes cotton for us!